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   Full dinghy

Build a DIY no-nonsense rigid hardwood and ply 8 foot folding classic style dinghy.
Similar to Seahopper, Kontender and Mirror.

Boat folded
           Click above for 600 x 800 wallpaper

Build it simple or full-featured.   (change it to full-featured later if you wish)

Folded hull weight, 44 pounds (20 kg)
Basic hull weight, 63 pounds (28.6 kg)
Length, 7'11" (236cm) Beam 47" (120cm)

Time to assemble basic dinghy: 2.5 minutes  (no tools needed)
Time to disassemble: less than 2 minutes

Once you have the basic hull (folding part), a whole World of options are open to you.

NEW   The plans now include  the Flapdoodle III and the X-Doodle

No shipping charges. 

 Just $44.95  (USD)

With the World economy iffy at best, I am reducing the price by 1/3 temporarily.
For a limited time only $30 (USD)

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